looking for a app with ability to customize necklaces from the selections we provide (pics included)

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not sure where to start with this really but we are starting a custom teething chain/necklace store via shopify, we are looking for a app that would allow customers to build their custom chain/necklace from the selection we provided then add it to the basket for purchase, this would then show us the build our end for our team to build it from the components used, iv attached a pic of the sort for thing were looking for (see link below).


My main questions regarding this are;


• does it exist already?


• if no, average price to develop this app? ( one for the developers out there) i'm not looking for exact just rough


• any suggestions on people/companies that may offer similar products?


• what skill sets should i be looking for in a developer for this kind of task?




Thanks for your help!