looking for a right app for apparel wholesale (bundling as one product w/ fixed size breakdown)

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Hi ! 

I'm looking for a right app for my apparel wholesale business.

I've tried countless bundling, wholesale and product variation apps, but cannot find a right one.

There are tons of online wholesale stores with the function that I'm looking for, but I'm not so sure which app they use. Can anyone help me to find the app for me? 


I sell 6pc apparels as one bundle.

What I need is, 

Customers see 1pc cost on Product thumbnail page.

Once they click on the product, fixed color, size & qty as one bundle like "Black S 2 M 2 L 2 = 6pcs (1pack)" is on description. 

Customers buy merchandise by fixed units which is 6pcs. (6pc -> 12pcs -> 18pcs ....) 


Here is an example from one of my competitor's online stores.

When one unit price is $44.00, you see description & select options as below screenshot. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 6.09.30 AM.png


My online store is for wholesale customers only as it's a B2B business. So I don't really need different quantity and tiered pricing functional.  

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Hi @gemini05 

First, thank you for posting your requirements in detail. Based on your details, yes it's possible with MultiVariants ‑ Bulk Order app.
By using MultiVariants, you can limit the variants quantity orders, min/max order value as well as the minimum and the maximum number of variants order.
Example 1: Min/Max quantity per variant and total (the combination of variants)
Example 2: Minimum/Maximum number of variants (limit variants)

Also, you can bundle the quantity into a drop-down to quantity selection, so you can limit the quantity to 6, 12,18 as mentioned. Our app will check in the cart as well for quantity drop-down for the product you enable bulk quantity order.
Example: Bundle/Bulk quantity (drop-down)

You can display the combination of the variant into a grid/table layout as your given example.
Example: Variants Grid/Matrix layout with the swatch (3 Options)

Bundle/Bulk quantity (drop-down)Bundle/Bulk quantity (drop-down)