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Hello everyone, 


I'm new to Shopify and in the process of building my shop. went through about 15 converter apps but couldn't find what I want. I'm trying to offer different prices for some countries.


for example, I want to sell an item for 20$ to a buyer from the US but at the same time offer the same item for 15GBP to a buyer from the UK.  (a direct conversion is around 16GPB)


Is there any currency converter or an app that lets me do that? 

Thank you.



I am working on a currency app and we have included a feature called padding.  What it will do is add a extra % on top of the price for that country. 


Another way to get this maybe to manually set the rate above the currency exchange which will add a increase or decreased amount, except you would have to manually keep changing this.


You can send me a email through our site and will let you know once released if that solves your issue.   Maybe look at doing per a specific product in a future build.


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Hi there! 


If you want to have different prices regarding products at multiple currencies, it is better you run multiple e-commerce sites serving different domains. In this way, it provides the best flexibility to control products, prices differences at different markets.


Among multi-sites, you may potentially use Geo Redirect tool to auto direct visitors to correct site URLs. It detects your visitors location by country/state/city by IP and auto route them to correlated sites seamlessly based on their geo locations . You can easily set up redirecting rules within a few steps. No code is necessary. The service will generate JavaScript code for you to add to your website.


Hope it helps!