looking for app early release/vip access: hide products unless customer is tagged

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hi there


Looking for an app that allows to hide a product unless customer/product both have tags, looking to setup an early access type of system.


example: John Doe has 'vip" tag,  "product" also has vip tag

then, a week later - we remove the vip tag from the product and everyone else can now see it.


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Hi @tinman76

The Locksmith app can do exactly what you are looking for. In the app you can create a "lock" for specific products by picking them from a list, or you can use a Liquid condition for product tags to make the lock more dynamic. For example: {% if product.tags contains "VIP" %}

Once the product(s) are locked customers will not be able to view them on the storefront. You can then create a "key" that permits certain customers to access the product if they are tagged with "VIP".

If you use a Liquid condition for the lock, then you can simply remove the VIP tag from the product(s) to allow all customers to access them. Otherwise you could simply disable the lock altogether to grant all customers access to the products that were previously hidden.

Hopefully this helps!

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Thank you!

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