mistakenly erased sections/product-template.liquid

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hi everyone ive erased the whole  sections/product-template.liquid trying to add a snipet code for reviews and when ive put the code in the wrong place ive selected and deleted but ive actually deleted the whole section is there anyway to recover as i cant add any products to the store at this point,please help

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@bododbilly welcome to the Community Forums

Sorry your first visit is in a moment of panic!

If you are using a Shopify theme from the free themes, rename your current theme as something like 'Main theme', then from the Free themes install a new version of the theme you installed before.

Next, go to the new theme you just installed and copy the code from the product-template.liquid file. Now go back to your Main theme and find the `sections` section. Click Add New and name it product-template.liquid.

Now paste the code you copied from the new version and click save! Now you are done and should be back up and running!

I hope this helps, leave a comment if you get stuck!


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