multiple automatic discounts application

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hi, I want to set up multiple permanent discounts on my websites but the discounts section only has one running at a time, 

what a basically want is the same as discounts where you import from collections 






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Hi There,

It is unfortunately not possible. Only one discount at a time

Hope this helps

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This is something that needs to be implemented. For such an advanced website creator. This is a basic element I feel. 

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Ridiculous - Shopify needs to step up and enable such basic functionality. I am paying a small fortune for shopify plus and CANNOT believe how many apps I need to install just to get the basics happening. VERY VERY frustrated.

It's impossible since 1 discount at a time is a hard limit. You can only work around it by turning a discount into a product with a discount built-in. My app is doing a similar thing so I've researched the problem for a while. I try to edit the order after checkout to keep the inventory. Not only merchants, but even a seasoned developer like me find it hard to glue different moving parts just to bypass this limit. 

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