need help creating specific discount types

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I'm needing two types of discounts that I so far can't figure out how to do.  u have a small site, low volume so while i will buy an app if i need to and it works great, i need to keep things frugal.


Discount type 1:

i would love X% off, up to Y$

use scenaio:   i have folks who are giving to a charity and in exchange are getting a dicount off their choice of item on the site.  so if they give 5$ and send me the reciept for that, they get a code that gives them up to 5$ off their cart, but i need that dicount to not be greater than 30% of the retail cost, so that i stay in the black.


i assume the percentage would rarely change, but hte dollor amount would, so i would need to make then ne at a time or a few presets, the place they are donating to has preset amounts usaly , so that it should be fairly easy.  again, im low valume.


Discount Type 2:

i have some folks who are similar to wholesale but a bit differnt. they are buying my stuff at a discount to resale in person localy for small time fundraising. So what i would like is to give them a ongoing code that gives them a % over cost, or in a perfect world a X% +X$ over wholesale.  like charge them 20% over cost, or 10% over cost + 1.00$


i cant really have it a % off retail, becasue my profit margin often ranges a lot, and even on small things, i would like to make a minimum off each item, hence the fixed amount as a part of the price


folks who would qualify for this typer of dicount have set up a fundaiser account with me, so it could be linked to a keyword on their profile is that helps

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Hi Rivka,


For Discount Type 1 - Perhaps a simple solution would be to set the coupon code of $X off the entire order, with the minimum requirement being the order value has to be min 3X the Discount Code value. This would mean you're customers could use the discount if the order value is high enough that the code is never more than 30% of the sale.


For Discount Type 2 - quite sure you'll need an app that will let you set a wholesale product prices at the product level for customers who have logged in. 


Hope that helps.