orderimp app not available, alternatives?

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Hi we want to import a bunch of orders from another previous ecommerce system.  Orderimp app is able to be installed and it works for our test orders but the webpage says "the app is offline indefinitely" and emails to their support return a similar automated message.


Anyone know why they took the app down?  It looks great to me, and does exactly what I need using the free 50 test orders.  Maybe it's not down, but reluctant to give them money judging by the auto responses.


I can't find another app that does the same, anyone got sugggestions?

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I'm also looking into alternatives as I planned to use orderimp to do my order imports and I couldn't find any alternatives anywhere else. 


Hey There,

   I think our app, EZ Importer, would be a good fit for your situation.  We have a data mapping system that'll allow you to map the columns in your CSV file to the appropriate field on your Order.  Once you have your file mapped, you can re-use the mapping for any subsequent imports so you don't have to map the file for each upload.  

   A few other things to point out: 

  1. You can have an email sent to your customer on import.  This is disabled by default so you don't have to make any configuration changes if you don't want your customers to get notifications on import, here are our docs on the feature https://www.highviewapps.com/kb/email-notifications/.
  2. We don't capture credit card details on import or actually charge your customers.  You can import transaction data but this data is only used to create transaction records in Shopify's database, so you don't have to worry about your customers getting billed again.
  3. We give you 50 free credits which you can use to test the system.  We encourage everyone to run tests before doing their full import and to audit all installed apps before running an import.  Many apps listen to different order webhooks and we can't prevent them from sending emails, information to fulfillment centers, etc on import.  So we recommend everyone look over the apps installed and run a small test to make sure everything works as expected.  This will also allows you to look over any reports that are important to you.
  4. If you delete your tests or if you notice an issue with the import, you can delete the import and the credits get added back to your credit bank.  This way you can test as much as you want and if you see an issue with your data you don't have to worry about getting charged again.  At this time you do have to delete all the orders imported, we don't support deleting a single order that was imported or editing imported orders.  

This is just a small snippet of what the app can do to help you get your orders imported.  If you have further questions about the app, or if you need a hand getting your file mapped don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.  They're always happy to help.

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