photo review app recommendation please

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We are looking for a photo review app that can do the following

1. Send reminders to customers for reviews
2. Automatically generate a unique code and send it to customers once they have done the review
3. Be able to set a function to automatically restrict uniquely generated code to one collection
4. Be able to upload old reviews from a previous app.

Let us know as no.3 is a huge problem for us and we would like to switch to an app which can fulfill all these functions. 

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I use a combo of 2 apps for this:

1) Bulk Discounts to generate bulk discounts, pretty sure you can do #3 of your requirements.

2) for reviews. You can set auto emails, allow photo upload, send unique discount codes (you upload the bulk discount codes from Bulk Discounts app). You can also share reviews on social media (like, share all 5 star reviews), import reviews from another app. They also have performance features and regularly update the app. One of my key apps, I wrote about the details + setting up in this blog post.


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Hi @DavidWe123 , are you still looking for a solution for this?

I'm the founder of a tool called Captur and we specialise in getting photos directly from customers by sharing a link.

You can generate a link to share with the customer via email to submit photos + a review. Plus, you can pre-fill a style number or collection number with the link, so all photos submitted for that same style are stored in on place. 

The customer will be able to easily take photos with Captur and all the images are sent to a central database for your team, organised by style number.

Would love to offer for you to trial it out. Just shoot me an email to 



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Hi, @DavidWe123 

All of your requirements can be fulfilled with Reviews, Loyalty and Rewards programs by Growave. The App automates sending review request emails to your customers after the purchase. And can also send reminder emails if customer ignores the first request. Once customer leaves a review system will automatically reward them with points to spend on your website or generate a unique discount code for certain products/collections. All of these can be easily adjusted in the admin panel.

And yes you can also import all of your existing reviews (including images) via CSV file, so no data will be lost.

On top of that, we have various tools that can help to escalate your customer experience like Social Login, Wishlists, Instagram galleries, Automated emails, etc.

If you would be interested, you can try out Growave for free to see what value we can bring to your business.

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that has
- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Login + more

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