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when you first install the app,they have you customize  how the pop up should look on your site,they have you put add a few products and put the date its when it was last updated,it goes automatically onto your website,i only choose 5 items,than i was trying to connect them to my email which they had a problem connecting it,to a third party host,trying to tell me my email hot is not active,I am telling them its very active something is wrong on their end,it could not be fixed ,customer support ann and enea pretended to be so supportive,but failed to tell you that they messed up your enitre website,so when uninstall the app the content from the app is stuck on your site,and the content is now all over my site,and they refuse to help me fix it,now my site had to be shut down till i am able to fix it.

before i installed the app i have read reviews they had more good reviews than negative ones,the negative reviews all said the same thing that i am now saying,and i also noticed they removed all the bad reviews and left just the 5 stars,i am not sure they are a legit app but please be careful,they responded to my review and tried to tell me the same thing they told others i have the wrong app..but my emails they sent me tell me otherwise.. the screensshots i have to my site says otherwise also..

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I am sorry for your trouble. Can you please share some screenshots? We do not change your products or your orders. We are an app that adds the ability to show recent sales or email collection pop-ups. 

In regards to Zoho, when our API tried to send your collected emails to their API we got back this error code:


{"code":901,"message":"Organization related information not found in request."}

I would be happy to help in any way.


Also, can you please share the emails you are referencing? I believe the only emails we have sent have stated that we do not modify your products or your orders.