problem with oberlo account

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actually i opened a oberlo account but when i tried linking it to my store there was some error and i created a new oberlo account and added all the products there and started editing images etc but now i am unable to remove that account which is linked to my shopify store i tried removing the app alot of times but thats not happening please help 

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hello! I am from Topdser. Topdser is a dropshipping APP like Oberlo. But it is more efficient than Oberlo.

In general,there are 4 important factors differ Topdser from Oberlo:

1.Trend watch:Topdser discovers winning products using ranked lists of the top trending picks daily while Oberlo doesn’t provide.These winning products are from facebook winning ads database.

2.Auto Order Fulfillment: Topdser automatically sync AliExpress order numbers, status and tracking numbers to Shopify while Oberlo manually syncs.

3.One-click Bulk Orders:Topdser is an AliExpress offical dropshipping partner ,working with AliExpress Official API. Up to 300 orders can be auto placed for one time in seconds while Oberlo orders processing one by one .

4.Multi-store Management:Manage multiple stores without ever leaving Topdser and you don’t have to use two Oberlo if you have two Shopify stores.