"All in one" / "Power Pack" app for managing collections & product page displays?

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Since there's 1000s of apps available, I figured I'd save myself some time & ask...


I need to make a bunch of minor tweaks to the collections & product pages. Such as: hide certain sort-tags, show certain tags on product page, etc.


Is there an app that offers a bunch of similar features, that you're aware of? Something like "Here's all the features missing from Shopify Core", along the lines of "Booster" for WooCommerce (200+ features in 1 plugin).


I'm OK with paying for it, just don't have the time to waste trying out dozens of various apps. So any advice would be appreciated!




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Hello nathankaplan,  


We just launched an app that will allow you to customize Product Collections.  Not necessarily give you controls of hiding/showing certain tags as you mentioned, but I thought I would reply as we are working to further our new app Refreshh Collections over time to give more control on customizing Collections.  For now you can simply add a background image or change the background color and all Text colors on a custom collection.  I'll review your notes more in-depth to see what it will take to accommodate your needs.