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Hi @TheStripesInMe 


I have looked through your site, and the layout is nice.   would like to point out some extra features which I think will make your site looks better and suggest some useful apps. 
1. Add more content to the categories (women, men) and products as descriptions so customers can understand it better instead of using many big images with little content
2. The font type as Arapey with bold and small size. It is pretty unreadble. Try with other clear fonts such as Arial, Helvetica. 
3.  Make the notification bar at the homepage more attractive with a brighter color. 

About the notification bar, you can try with the progressive bars which motivate to buy more to get your offer. Such as about 100$ to get free shipping. Then, only $80.00 away for free shipping. 

4. You can use Sales Pop notification to hurry customers with social proof and current purchases. Visitors always love to here social proof. 


5. You should you Google Tag Manager app to track the product view on the Product Page, track the category view on the Category Page, track searching. It helps you analyze customer’s shopping behaviors at each stage and identify where your customers abandon their carts (product view, add to cart or check out)


I hope my suggestions work for you. Have a nice day!

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Try ProveSource - Social Proof that shows recent sales on your store to boost confidence and trust.




Please check below apps links that will help you for sale conversions.

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Flying Cart - Slide cart :


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Hello @TheStripesInMe,


Although it depends on your purpose but I highly recommend this application: Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Tool.

As a merchant, you probably know the powerful function of cross-sell and upsell on eCommerce market. With this Upsell and Cross-sell application, you can retain your customers and also increase the AOV of your store.


To be more specifically, I wanna mention some of its amazing features that you should not miss: 

+ Easy to setup 

Upsell popup offer (Show popups after clicking Add-to-cart button)

+ Product bundles offer (Show product bundles in the details page)

+ Create product upsell and cross-sell offers, product bundles

+ Increase your revenue: Drive more sales by offering to upsell and cross-sell products.

By simply selecting targeted products, then offering products that you wanna upsell, cross-sell, bundle. After that, when getting into your store, the targeted producted are caught on the eyes of the clients, increasing their chance of purchasing those merchandises.

Here is the link:


Hope this do help!

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