take inventory from master product instead of sub product

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Hey, im looking for something to manage inventory of a master product that has multiple sub products

Basicly bundle but reversed. So when ever a sub SKU (a single product with print) is bought it will sync with the master inventory base shirt no print example.

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we have until now used Bundles but we cannot import with csv or bulk update as its really frustraiting, as we have many products that is using the same base product, and to create a single product for each one when u cant CSV import update aswell.

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By "importing with csv or bulk update", you mean you want a bulk import feature to upload all the sub SKU and sync them automatically with the master inventory?

This sounds interesting, and it is definitely something we can help you with. Check us out at shypyard.io. We are a Shopify Expert certified agency specializing in creating customized integration and automation for Shopify stores. Feel free to pop us a message or book a free consultation. We'd love to speak with you about the requirement. 



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Your use case is fully supported by PickyStory.

WIth PickyStory you can automatically create unlimited Combo Products (main product in your use case) that contain products that you'd like to sell as one (sub-products in your use case). The inventory is tracked automatically on an individual item basis, so you don't need to deal with CSVs or any other manual tasks.

Here are some examples:

Offer boxes and packs on a single pageOffer boxes and packs on a single pageCreate and sell packsCreate and sell packsAggregate products as one productAggregate products as one product


You can add the PickyStory app here.

Let me know if you have any questions.



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Hi @Melonendk,

Bundle Kit manages the inventories of bundles and bundled products the way you described!

When a bundled item (i.e. sub SKU) is bought, Bundle Kit will automatically sync with the inventory of the bundle (i.e. master inventory) to prevent overselling.

Additionally, Bundle Kit will list out the individual bundled item SKUs in the bundle order for your ease of fulfillment.

You can try the app for free at: https://apps.shopify.com/bundle-kit

Hope this helps!


Bundle Kit enables businesses to easily build product kits, sync inventory of bundle and bundled products sold, and fulfill bundle orders.