2 Questions about IRA Theme

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I am new, and have zero website building abilities, I really need plug and play solutions which is why I am using Shopify. However, I keep running into roadblocks, things I cannot seem to change. I have finally decided on IRA theme for my store and these are the two issues I cannot overcome on my own:

1) The added pages in IRA, are ugly as sin, they stick a useless title across the top and content is very difficult to work on in the tiny editing box. What I really want for some of my additional pages is the same functionality and plug and play sections as I have on my home page. How can I do this?

2) Within the pages editing in IRA, the insert link button is greyed out, so I cannot add a link to a page, this is extremely frustrating as I would like to use links throughout my pages to other pages on my site as well as links to external websites, in this case the direct donations page for the charity we are supporting. How can I add links to my pages in IRA?

Thank you in advance.


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