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I could use y'alls opinion. Flying blind a bit. I sell jewelry on my Shopify store. I offer 1 product in 3 different prices. Retail, wholesale and a 3rd for special wholesalers. I want to integrate my inventory. I've seen apps that offer this, however, all 3 prices are offered on 1 store. They are designated by product type in the actual product itself. My web designer decided to this. I'm not sure why. Now, I am speaking to Shopify experts on how to integrate my inventory. Mainly I want all three "products" to speak to one another. If I sell 1 at a retail price, I want the quantity in all three "products " (stores) to reflect this. 


Here's my questions: Should I just get 2 other stores and use the apps. Have you done this? If so, what's the price of creating and hosting the 2 other stores? Or, should I just pay someone to write a code or whatever (this is all German to me) to make it all integrate.

I'm thinking long term. What would be best. Any thoughts or experiences on this?


Thank you!!



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Hi Laura,

I would recommend the following, both from Inventory Management and Shopify perspective.

1. It will be good if you can manage with the same store, If your products are set as variants with different pricing, you should already have an aggregate inventory at product level. To avoid stock out on particular variant you can set and adjust minimum levels

2. If this is not set up as variant, you can do a post-processed inventory report, which could be triggered at the end day or week or whatever interval you feel works for your business

3. Try to write custom code within the same store, could cost less than running 3 store which triples the cost of basic operation 

4. You can certainly explore app which can do this for you

Hope this helps.



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Thank you Lokendra.

I hear that you think it's better to manage this all in the same store. Correct? And, since I have each product, as separate products, and not variants that you suggest I write a custom code within the same store which could connect the 3 products. In this code each product communicates with the other. So, when 1 sells on one store, the others will reflect that. Is that correct?