4 questions regarding Brooklyn theme

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Hi guys,


I just started working with this theme (in an existing website) and I'm very new to this website building thing. So here are my questions:


1. How do I uncapitalize all capitals in the menu as seen on my website www.dander.nl.

I've already tried pasting below code in extra CSS menu (as seen in another topic) but it doesn't work. 



Also, as seen on the home page, I have an 'A' in the header (right side) that is just empty and unclickable. How do I remove it?


On the page https://dander.nl/onderwijs how do I make all boxes equal? In editor they seem to be equal but when published they are not!

4.  How do I change a font on the homepage? I go to frontend editor and click text box, but there is no text there?


I know this is a lot and any help is highly appreciated!