5 Days to go for Mother's Day... Is your store ready?

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We're just 5 days away from Mother's Day! Shoppers are going all out for moms this year. In fact 83% of consumers in the US alone are planning to spend at least $220 on each gift!

But, wait, your store's not mother's day ready yet? Don't panic!

Here's 5 simple ways to get the sale up & running in just 5 hours

1. Grab shopper attention with a bold Mother's Day Banner

Shoppers are browsing through many websites hunting for the perfect gift. To make them stay, you need them to go 'WOW' in the first 3 seconds. A cozy-looking mother's day banner showcasing your best-seller or a limited period offer will do the trick!

2. One gift's just not enough. Sell hampers!

It's that time of year to shower the most important person with tons of love. So a single gift doesn't cut it. Spare shoppers the trouble of creating product pairs by curating gift hampers yourself. You can use bold callouts or badges to grab eyeballs for combo packs.

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3. Add a personal touch with unique codes

Who doesn't like a discount for shopping online? Highlight your Mother's Day offers for deal seekers to spot them instantly in the store. Take it to the next level with specialised mother's day offer codes.

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 7.49.24 PM.png

4. Customisation #ForTheWin

While shopping for gifts, an added layer of personalisation makes a HUGE difference. So if your store offers customisation, you're already ahead of the curve. But now for the easiest step - don't you dare commit the sin of not highlighting it on your website.

5. Don't forget the confused ones!

There are always those who can't make up their mind on the perfect gift. For such customers, a Mother's Day Gift Card is far more valuable. After all, mums have their hidden shopping wish list - so why not have them pick the perfect gift themselves.

Launch tips #2, #3 and #4 in 5 mins with Mother's Day Badges on ModeMagic.

Need anything else? Ping me back and I'm here to help.

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Hey @Peebee ,

I love these Mother's Day badges on the store. I must say, Merchants across Shopify who are into baby and maternity merchandise would love these designs. I have noticed that Merchants who add product badges and labels to their store boost their sales pretty fast.

Thanks for sharing your tips though. Means a lot to the community.

KrishiBoo From ModeMagic
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