A way to eliminiate customer selecting new address on shopify checkout ?

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Hello Developers, 

   we are looking for a way we can eliminate an option of adding a new address from the shopify checkout. Having said that we are a shopify plus customers and we do have access to edit the checkout.liquid file but we cant seem to see an option that will stop users from not enterning any new address and only use the defined address in the account ? 


Let us know if this is possible. Looking forward to it. 



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Having said that we are a shopify plus customers

In that case you could choose to edit that first page of the checkout to both hide the address fields, and the dropdown (should a customer have more than 1 address). You'll want to be really sure that the address is valid otherwise the customer won't be able to proceed past step 1.

Something to note here though is that accelerated gateways can skip that customisation. It makes sense really since things like ApplePay has its own flow to order completion so that smart logic you add on step 1 can be skipped. Be sure to explore the different ways a customer can pay if you opt to do this.

Address information can technically be passed from the cart to the checkout, or by using browser developer tools within checkout, so a rather clever customer could still augment the data in the fields.

Did you talk to the Shopify team about this first?

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