Abandoned Checkout link is evergreen and does not refresh price based on current item price in store

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Our store uses the built-in Abandoned Checkout feature in Shopify to send an email to a customer a set period of time after they abandon the checkout (several hours).

The abandoned checkout email contains a link for the customer to pop right back into their cart and complete the transaction. Great, right?

However, the Abandoned Checkout link seems to be evergreen (I tested one link that was sent to a customer on Dec 13 and it still works). Given this, the pricing needs to update based on the current list price on the store. It does not.

If a customer leaves a $60 item in the cart, and the item goes on sale to $50, the cart itself will refresh (which is good) but the abandoned checkout won't. No customer wants to feel like a store is hiding a sale from them. Why doesn't abandoned checkout refresh the price like the cart does?

And more importantly, how do we fix it? Is there something we can edit in the code? We use Debut theme.