Accepting Apple Pay Inside The Facebook / Instagram Browser

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I have been accepting Apple Pay at my online store since it started and the button to do it pops up everywhere except in the Facebook and Instagram browser. I have checked using the Facebook and Instagram browser and every single one I tried has the exact same issue. Is there any way to accept Apple Pay in this browser since it takes you to this browser anytime a customer clicks an ad on Facebook or Instagram? If not does anyone know of a good workaround to skip the Facebook browser and go directly to Safari on iOS devices? 


It is just quite irritating since Twitter does not have this same limitation and Apple Pay works fine inside that app. 

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I agree, now more than ever it is important this gets bumped!

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My store has this exact same problem. Users who access from Instagram and Facebook do not get ApplePay or GooglePay option and it’s creating abandoned orders. Does anyone know how to fix it?