Activate Checkout Button only if delivery date selected is 3 days from today

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Currently, the checkout button will be shown only if the delivery date is selected. I would like the checkout button to be shown only if the delivery date selected is 3 days from today.

How can I achieve this? 

{% if != blank %}
      <button type="submit" name="checkout" class="btn cart__checkout">
       {{ 'cart.general.checkout' | t }} <span class="icon icon-arrow-right" aria-hidden="true"></span>
{% else %
      <font size="3.5"
      <p>Please select a delivery date and update cart</p>
{% endif %}


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You can achieve this with JS.
Basic concept is you have to get the date on-change or on-keyup ( Jquery functions ) of date picker or what field you are using for date and time.

Once you get the selected date of user then you have to write a IF condition and make a comparison b/w current date and user selected date.

Next step if to use show() and hide() function of Jquery a/to comparison result.

And initially you can hide you checkout button so it will not visible until user will not enter date.




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Thank you Guleria, for your response. I am not well versed with coding. I added the delivery date picker to the cart page by following the shopify tutorial. This functionlity is working fine.

In the datepicker minDate is set to +3. However, user is able to change the date by typing in the date field. I want to avoid user changing the date manually by typing.

The checkout button is hidden initially and it is shown only after the delivery date is selected. But, there is no way check if the delivery date selected in +3 days from today. User can even enter past days by typing manually. Is there a way a check can be added so that the check out button will be shown only if the delivery date is +3 days from order date? Currently, it is only checking if the delivery date field is blank or not.