Add 2 different taxes to order confirmation

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We are using the debut theme on our webshop and run in a small problem with the order confirmation email.


We are collecting 2 different taxes (14% and 24%) and we should get the both lines shown on our order confirmation if collected. At the moment it only shows the total tax amount. But due to Finnish tax office's rules we should display the both taxes if we collect them. 


This is the code we got in the order confirmation mail:

{% for line in tax_lines %}

<tr class="subtotal-line">
<td class="subtotal-line__title">
<td class="subtotal-line__value">
<strong>{{ line.price | money }}</strong>

{% endfor %}


When we check the orders that comes they clearly states the different taxes like this:


Subtotal21 items
ShippingIlmainen postitus (7.6 kg)€0,00
TaxVAT 24% (Included)
 VAT 14% (Included)



So is it somehow possible to get the code that it would show those 2 different taxes in the order confirmation email?





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I'm looking for the same solution.

I've got cosmetic products at 21% VAT rate and supplements at 6% VAT rate.
On the order confirmation, I'd need to specify the different VAT rates and VAT amounts per type of product. 
I believe this is a legal obligation everywhere in Europe. Must like going to the restaurant and ordering food & drinks, which will show with different VAT rates on your receipt.