Add Buy Now button at the end of the product description

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As the title says I'm interested in adding a Buy Now button that takes customer directly to checkout. I want it below the product description. Already have an Add to Cart button of course. Can it be done somehow? I saw Dynamic Checkout button by default is right under the Add to Cart button, and also, at least in Debut theme, it changes the colored button of Add to Cart, in my case it makes it transparent, I don't want this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Buy now button is added on your site?
Please share your site url so that i can check and let you know.

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Hi @WMatthew 

If you want to move "buy now" button next to description then you have to follow this:

1. Open Section->product-template.liquid find {{ product.description }} and check if it outside of {% endform %} then you have to put it before {% endform %} (If not outside of form then just paste bellow code after description.)

2. Then find bellow code and paste it after description code that you pasted above.

So it look like:


<div class="product-single__description rte">
{{ product.description }}
{% if section.settings.enable_payment_button %} {{ form | payment_button }} {% endif %}

3. change background color of ad to cart button.

-Add this code in Asset->theme.scss file at bottom.

.product-form .product-form__cart-submit{ background: red; border-color: black;}

Note: you can change color that you want.



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