Add Captcha (or Similar) to Customer Sign Up Page

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Is there anyway to add a captcha or one of those "I'm not a robot" boxes on the customer sign up page?

We are getting a bunch of junk customer signups on our site (have .ru domains, just random emails).


We'd like to slow down the flow of junk accounts signing up on our site.  I realize we could just delete the junk accounts but it is rather annoying.


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Hi John_VSC

You can enable Checkout protection byt navigating in your admin to Online Store > Preferences and over to the Checkout protection section.

As for the new customer registration form, you can either disable customer registration by removing / hiding the form or link to that form in your template - or - add a reCaptcha or similar component in the template Templates/customers/register.liquid. However, none of these will truly stop bots or malicious users from posting a new registration - only Shopify can solve that with better spam protection.

Hope that helps!

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We have been getting more and more spam emails dumped on our account. It really messes with our email platforms, because you have to scrub the lists separately in most cases and it is time consuming. I manage a few dozen sites. If you can, just remove the page, but if you must have a sign up page, it helps to make all of the fields required and of course add a reCaptcha to the page. I have a site for a Wholesaler. They require you to make an account before the customer gets approved for purchases. They have about 10 fields on the sign up form. I found when I made all the fields required (phone, name, tax-id, etc) the bots don't bother. Furthermore, I required special formatting on things like phone numbers, and character limits on tax-id and credit limit. Haven't seen any bot spamming since.

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I'm trying to figure this out as well.

How can you make the fields required?

I've tried all the methods I could find like adding the required tags and none of them seem to work.

I can still create dummy accounts without filling in the fields and spam bot accounts are still coming through.

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There is not "Checkout Protection" section.

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It's called "Spam Protection" at the very bottom.