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Hi all, hoping to get some help please.
I'm wanting to add an extra column to the admin Order page so I can view the country location of each order.
Right now there is Order, Date, Customer, etc...I just want to know what code to use to insert a location column?

I have tried searching for this but the only information I've found suggests it may not be possible - surely there is some way to add this?  Just wanting it for tax purposes and would prefer to avoid clicking on each & every order to view their location.

Thanks for your help,

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Hey Virginia :)

Currently there is no way to add a column in the orders page in the admin itself, but you can export all of your orders into a CSV file and filter/sort them by country :).

We have a support document titled Export Orders to CSV file that will show you how to export properly.  You can even specify a date range that you wish to export, rather than your entire order history.

If you are using Excel I found a document from Microsoft on how to Sort Multiple Columns that will help you out too :)

Alternatively, you can customize your export with an app such as Xporter. This is great for running customized exports from your admin.

Hope this helps :)

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Nick, is this still the case?

I'm looking to add additional information to the admin order page that im capturing on the confirmation page (ie event start date, event end date,etc)

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I wish you could customize these columns. It would be really helpful if I could add a column for product name. Would be a LOT easier to use.

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I'd like to add my 2 cents that it would be fantastic to be able to set up some different columns in the admin order list. I could really use number of products in the order, for example.