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Using Minimal theme, I want to replicate the newlstter signup bar that's currently in the footer, in the header.

I'm not super techy but can copy and paste in the right spots!



Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi there Joanne,

I'm Jon, a Shopify Guru.

It's great that you're comfortable with copying and pasting, because that's exactly what you'll need to do!

Go to Online Store -> Themes, hit the three dots on the right, then "Edit HTML/CSS."  Now, from the list of templates on the left, select "theme.liquid."

Near the bottom of the code that appears, there will be a bit of coding that looks like this.  Copy that, and you can paste it up near the top of the 'body' section of your code.  Or in the 'header-bar.liquid' snippet, which can also be found in the left hand list of templates, under the Snippets folder.

I'm going to follow up with you in an email, in case you're having anymore trouble setting this up, and you can just reply to me there.  :)

I hope that helps!  All the best!

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Hi Jonathan,

I am using the debut theme and would like to add the same newsletter sign up in the header, just like in the footer. Which theme do I need to edit and which code can I copy and paste? My site is

Thanks in advance!

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Has this been changed?
I've tried to do it with my account and I am unable to do so.

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Same here. I want to add my newsletter sign up to the footer. Any help is appreciated!