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The Debut theme on my page does not support adding sidebar filters without coding I have to pay for or figure out myself. The image below is similar to what I'd like for my store.


Could anyone here recommend apps (preferably with free options, as I'm tight on budget) or help me with manual coding? Thanks in advance!


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try this

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Hey S-O,


Based on your requirement, I would like to suggest Sparq app that deals with adding sidebar filters without coding.

This app allows synonyms, advanced custom tag filters, spelling correction, and other such features. You can check out the features live here.

After the trial period, you can enjoy with Sparq’s Free Starter Plan for upto 1000* products.


Hope this suggestion resolves your query.

Neha ;)



Sparq is a fast and beautiful search solution for Shopify store owners. It allows store owners to upgrade their default search to an extremely fast, more user friendly and feature rich search
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Hi @S-O,


May I recommend the Ultimate Search and Filter that helps to improve customer's experience and conversion rates. It offers advanced tools for a smooth users' product discovery including Autocomplete (Search suggestion and Product Match), Smart Search (Semantic Search, Typo tolerance, Synonyms search), Dynamic product filtering (filter products by Product Tag and Variants), Merge values (for example merging Navy, Dark Blue, Light Blue into one Blue value in the Filter),  Merchandising, and Internal Search Analytics.


Take a look at the demo store:


It offers 14 days free trial and suits with your budget.