Add Text with link above Add to Cart button on Debut Theme

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I want to know how can I add text with hyperlink above Add to Cart button on Debut Theme. And when we click in the link, It will show the image on that link in the current tab instead of going to a new tab to view it. Like exactly in this animation.


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Hi @BlueJean1234!


Paula here from Shopify! That's a great question!


Will the link be displaying a pop-up size chart, or something else? If it’s a pop-up size chart, there’s a guide for this here. Because you are using the Debut theme, Shopify's Theme Support might help you with this customisation. To learn more see, Shopify Design Policy


You will be able to add text with hyperlink anytime on the product description by following this help guide - Using the rich text editor .


If you will be displaying anything else, please let me know. I can definitely find out if is something supported by our theme's specialists. Let me know what is the best email address, then I can contact you if you want to go that route. :)


All the best, Paula.

Paula | Language Care Guru @ Shopify
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