Add To Cart Form - Debut Theme - Show featured image until a variant is selected

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Morning everyone,

I'm following the tutorial from Shopify devs on this link: and I'm on step 10 which says - 

Find the file that contains the add to cart form. It will have an action attribute set to /cart/add.

It should be in one of these four files:

  • the product.liquid template under Templates
  • the theme.liquid layout under Layout
  • the product.liquid snippet under Snippets
  • the single-product.liquid snippet under Snippets

I can't find the add to cart form in any of these code sections (I'm using Debut and none of the snippets sections listed are there).

Please can someone advise?

I'd really like to remove the images of yarn colours under the featured image as it looks cluttered at the moment. I've had feedback to say that customers get a little frustrated as they don't know why they can't add to cart when clicking the variant image (I have swatch images installed as well). My website is and you'll see what I mean when looking on a product page.

Thanks so much in advance!