Add Vendor To Order page in Shopify admin

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Hey Team,

Hoping someone can answer this for me, is it possible to add vendor next to the product line on this admin orders page?

Muchios grazias in advance






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Hey there @mlennox,

I believe what you are trying to achieve is possible but no theme comes with this functionality. It's possible with some coding customization. You'll probably need to look for the submit form on the product page template and add the Vendor liquid tag there to get the name on the order page.

You can contact me if you need my help with this.


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Hi Guys,

@UmairA is correct you need to add this line to your product-template.liquid under {% form 'product'


<input type="hidden" name="properties[Vendor]" value="{{product.vendor}}">



for me this was on line 225, as below.


end result


Hope this helps someone in the future.


Mark Lennox

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