Add a product card that links back to a collection

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I'm creating an email campaign advertising a few of my upcoming black friday deals. I've separated my entire sale into more specific sale collections (example: Entire Sale , Shirts Sale, Pants Sale, etc.) each with their own collection page. I do believe there is value to allow my customers to browse specific sale categories, but since these sale collections are slightly smaller, I'm wondering if there is a way to add after the final item in the collection a button/link that would route the customer back to the main sale page so the user doesn't drop off when they reach the end of the collection.  

I'm using the Venture theme and it appears that we have plenty of options for customization at the top of the collection page, but not at the bottom.

Does this feature I'm describing have a name? Any advice as to how to implement this or search further on my own would be truly appreciated!