Add arrows to slideshow on Shopify Debut theme

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How can I add arrows to slideshow on homepage? 

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That theme uses a slider called "slick" and it does have built in functionality for adding arrows. Jump into your theme.js.liquid file and search for a section like this (near the middle of that file):

this.settings = {
  accessibility: true,
  arrows: false,
  dots: true,
  fade: true,
  draggable: true,
  touchThreshold: 20,
  autoplay: this.$'autoplay'),
  autoplaySpeed: this.$'speed')

The important line in that is this one:

arrows: false,

Change it to:

arrows: true,

You may need extra CSS to make the arrows look good so be sure to make this change in a theme copy only and not your live theme.

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Thank for solution, when I changed to true. It did showed on slideshow but why does it show on top right and left instead of middle of slideshow?  Is there a way to bring down to middle?

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Hola, lo que debes hacer para modificar la ubicación de las flechas es lo siguiente:

Accede a theme.scss

Busca el siguiente codigo:

  .slick-next {
    top: 0; 
    height: 100%;
    margin-top: 0;
    width: 40px;

La línea que nos importa es: top:0; Yo le cambie por: top: 238px; y me sirvió, ya solo es cuestión de que la modifiques a tus espacios y listo.

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It does not work for me, I have Debut theme too. What can I do?

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It does not work for me, I have Debut theme too. What can I do?

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Maybe this has already been addressed somewhere else but I'm wondering if this fix can be used to add arrows to product images as well, specifically on product pages? 

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I have coded a custom solution for this. You can not only use arrows but also swipe.

Here is the tutorial of how to install it and here is the live preview of the Debut theme working with arrows.

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