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Hello everyone,

Our shopify website is our ecommerce website but also the starting point for exporting our catalog to other online marketplaces. We manage our catalog, prices and stock on shopify and it's all exported through plugins and then imported to the marketplaces. Now, the thing is, some of these marketplaces ask for more information than it's available by default on shopify product listings so we have to add this with an external csv file which is not ideal.

My question is: Is it possible to add extra fields to a product listing (besides title, description, price, the images, etc) so they could then be exported?

Thank you!! 

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It will depend on the apps you are using the list to these marketplaces and if they can pull other data from Shopify api. Our platform lets you add additional data to your products but we would need to discuss what apps you are using and how we can add additional data from our system to them or directly to your marketplaces. If you want to discuss further just send me an email to with more information.



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