Add deposit fee to a first order

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Hi Community!


We are launching a shop with deposit system. So, customers pay the price of the products plus a deposit that they can receive back once they return the transport box.

I was looking for a solution to manage full deposit process (i.e. assign deposit for every product, plus transposrt box and mamage the quantities with every delivery/return) but I couldn't find any appropriate (or cost effective) solution. If you have an example, please share.


But to simplify the process, we thought that we will add just once with the first order only a bit bigger deposit and manage the balance on our own side. So, the task should be quite simple: only for the first customer order add a line "Deposit fees" with a price on it. How can we do that?


P.S. I saw a solution with Delivery fees, but unfortunatelly it doesn't work for us as 1. we have delivery fees on top and 2. it adds a fee every time.