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I would like to add a link to the title of featured collections I have in my front page. I am using the showtime theme and unfortunately I cant see any option in the setting od the site. I beleive it is important to allow the client to hit on the name of the featured collection and take her to it. 

Mi site is 

I hope someone can help me, 

Many thanks! 

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I dont know why it was coded link this as it makes no sense, however if you go to the featured-collection.liquid with the sections and remove some code it will work.

find the <h3> tag at the top and next to it you see {{section.setting.title |  escape}}

remove the "| escape"

Then in your customise page where you work on the theme just put some html code to link the title to the colleection you want

<a href="your collection link">Your Collection name </a>

The it will work.


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It was my issue too so i fixed it

just go to section>>featured-collection.liquid


and replace this code

<h3>{{ section.settings.title | escape }}</h3>

 with this

<h3><a href="{{ section.settings.title_link }}">{{ section.settings.title | escape }}</a></h3>

 now you need to dedicate a section to customize it

go down to the schema section and find this

      "type": "text",
      "id": "title",
      "label": "Heading",
      "default": "Featured collection"

 now add this after that

        "type": "url",
        "id": "title_link",
        "label": "title link"

 now you can find Title link in your customization section, just dedicate the collection you want like its default .