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Hello I am wanting to add product descriptions to my collection pages. I have found to use this code: {{ product.description | strip_html | truncate: 80 }} but cannot figure out where to put it in the coding to make it work. Kind of a newbie. I am using the Brooklyn theme. 


Thank you!

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You'll want to find the file that produces the product cards on collection pages - it's usually in the Snippets folder, something like "product-thumbnail.liquid", "product-card.liquid", "product-grid.liquid", etc. 


Once you're in there, you can read the code to find where the other elements near it are displayed (search for <img to find the image tag, then you should see title and price under that, then you can insert your snippet where you need to in relation to those).

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Oh my gosh you're amazing! Thank you so much!

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