Add "Drop Down Menu" on Account Page?

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Hey Shopify Community.


I recently took over a web store that focuses a lot on Wholesale business. I have a account page that revealed a Drop Down Menu when you sign in to access your "store" (which I had under collections). Now, I believe that a third-party or someone from the old company got in and messed with this page prior to us taking over, and it's not showing the drop down.


I added the ACCOUNT tab to the top bar Navigation for now, but I don't want them to be visible to everyone at all times.


It lived on page. I have Locksmith set up so no one can order product unless they are signed in (and you can only sign in if we invite you).


Any help is appreciated, I think I'm close but I'm getting so frustrated haha.


What criteria do you want use for the account navigation to be visible? Is it they land on a specific page or sign in? 

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I just figured out that it used to reveal the Wholesale Order Form app.
(which I can't even access through my App's for some reason)

It used to auto-link to the app after you logged into your Customer
Account. I think someone had messed around with the Navigation and
Collection pages but I don't know if this was the problem.

I have a youtube video that shows what the original script would do. It all
happens within the first 15 seconds of the video.

Now it just goes back to normal /account page.