Add search bar on a specific page- Debut theme

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I need to put a search bar on the top of my FAQ page and Link it to the pages that included in it.

My website URL:

Is there any way to do that? 

A help would be appreciated!


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Hello @Lilas-addas 


Their is no straight way to do it, we need to do custom code for it which includes (js & liquid).
Shopify gives pages search that include all pages and we can add it straight way.

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Hi @Lilas-addas, I checked on your store and see that you build pages just by customizing the default Shopify theme. As @24by7themes mentions, you can totally add a search bar by adding code. In case you are not comfortable with coding languages, I think it's much easier for you to use a page builder so you can easily drag and drop the search bar into your page.


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Hi @victorbui ,

Thank you so much. I didn't know that there's a page builder apps.

I will for sure use one of them.