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Hey everyone, I'm currently finishing up a clients store on the Debut theme. I have a question in regards to the add to cart button on the collection pages, featured collections and product pages.

We have added in the add to cart button in all these places however when a user clicks the add to cart button they are redirected to the cart page. 

Our customers usually choose multiple products from one collection page so is it possible to change this so the product gets added but they are not directed straight to the add to cart page?


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Hello There.

Please check this article

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Hi there, thanks for sending this over, however, I have already put the add
to cart button there. The problem I'm having is that when that button is
pressed it takes the user right to the cart page. I need them to stay on
the collections page when they press it.

It looks as though someone in this article has the same issue but there
wasn't a good response to it:

Great guys, this code helped me a lot. But i have a problem, when add to
cart is pressed it takes the customer to the cart page. Is it possible to
stay on the collection page after clicking add to cart ?

- Kiet Huynh
July 17, 2020 at 8:22 AM

I think you can use the ajax technique to do that.