Add to Cart Button on Homepage Collection Section (Brooklyn Theme)

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Hello - I was able to add code to get "add to cart" buttons on my actual product collection page but I haven't been able to find a way to include add to cart buttons on the collection section on the homepage itself. The products are just shown with the ability to click through to the actual product detail page. I'd like to have the add to cart functionality right off the bat. I'm using the Brooklyn theme.

I am developing a website for my small business using Shopify. In my products, I have a few collections where customers will be able to buy 4 to 6 products together as a collection at a certain price. Under the products category, I have added those collections and they are already appearing in my website home page with the pictures I uploaded. But when I select those ones to check I can see what products are there in that collection but there is no add to cart button or buy button for those collections. Please guide me on how to add "add to cart button" in my collection page under collections where customers can buy those products simply not just adding one by one to the cart.

Thank You. Ruchira De Silva