Add to Cart quit working and hangs indefinitely

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2 0 0 has worked for years and overnight, quit working. This morning, the homepage was covered with a white square caused by a load detector. I removed that code and was able to see the homepage. But then, the add to cart button quit working. It would just hang indefinitely. Also, I had noticed the Shopify footer logo was back. I disabled that also using #admin-bar-iframe{display:none!important;} inside of main-style.css.liquid and that worked. I am not a coder, fumbling my way through this. Also, I came across someone saying look in theme.js for a listener but I couldn't find it.

I see this in and wonder if this 3000 has to do with a delay timer. 

function notifyAddCart($i){
function notifyAddCartFail($i){
    life: 3000