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Hello all!

I am using Brooklyn theme for my store. While testing, I realized 'Add to cart' button disappears when I select a color or size variant of the product.

Facing this issue on both mobile and desktop versions of the store.

Is this a known issue? How can I resolve this?

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Hi there! 

This is what I see in your output:

            <span id="ProductPrice"
              <span class=money>$21.00


You see that the inner <span class=money> is missing the closing </span> tag. This leads to your entire form being inside the ProductPrice span!  This span is updated with new price when you select variants and this is how your form disappears.

This happens because your money format is wrong. Check your Settings->General->Standards and formats, under the Change formatting link: your money format is

 <span class=money>${{amount}}

 while it should be

 <span class=money>${{amount}}</span>


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Thanks Tim! Your solution worked like a charm:) Really appreciate your help!

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Tim! Thank you! Have been editing code and deleting all the work I did today. I was googling and your solution popped up. THANK YOU! I can finally sleep tonight without stressing over my store.