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I found a shopify article about how to spice up your halloween store. And there are a few things that require code changes. I have no experience with coding. Here is the link to the article; 

I'm looking to add #1 and #3 of the article to my store. I added the first CSS of #1 on theme.scss.liquid on the bottom. But I still have to do this;

'Then add the animation to your logo by including the class name on your logo link or logo container:'

<a class="halloween-animation" href= "#">

  <img src="companylogo.svg" alt="Company logo" >


If anyone could help me with this, that'd be awesome! And if you do also know how to do #3 of the article, thank you!!! But just this one okay too! Thanks in advance

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Hello Bora!

If you're already done with adding CSS classes, all you need to do is to add a class to your logo link.

Simply do the following:

1. Open header.liquid file.

2. With pressing CMD + F (CTRL + F on Windows) in the Code Editor locate a pieces of code containing this line:

<a href="/" itemprop="url" class="site-header__logo-link">

3. Add CSS class halloween-animation to the <a /> tag so it should look like: 

<a href="/" itemprop="url" class="site-header__logo-link halloween-animation">


Happy coding :)

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Is this the same process if our theme is Supply?

I cannot find the first piece of code in my header.liquid file.