Adding Cart Attributes to Manual Orders

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Cart attributes are a great way to add custom fields to orders. Is it possible to set Cart attributes for manually created orders?

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The API allows a PUT on an existing order to add note attributes to an order. 

"note_attributes": [
     "name": "colour",
     "value": "red"

While this is not the same as Line Item Properties, it is a key:value store that can be very useful right? 

It is very likely if you did a POST to the Order endpoint with note attributes they would be saved when the order is created too.

Shopify Admin seems to provide access to order notes when creating orders too. So it seems you should be fine when creating Draft Orders to add a note or two.


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I'm not sure this is true, please someone tell me otherwise....



I'm currently having no trouble using API to add/changing notes attributes fields of orders created via customer order or POS, but am unsuccessful in editing / adding those fields if the order has been created via draft.


According to:

they cant be edited once place (not sure if that means API can or cant, but my current frustration makes me think that it can't be).



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Note attributes can be added to any existing order no matter what the original sales channel. You do risk overwriting existing attributes tho if the order already has them.

The article that you linked to refers is talking about the Edit Orders functionality. That is a different thing.