Adding Custom Fields to the Shopify Dashboard

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CF is not an "app", it's a developper tool to help dealing with "databases" stored in something called "metafields". 

If you can't code, don't use it. It's not meant for you.

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i totally understand that.. We are using to shopify because it supposed to be easier. No one can answer this simple question.Getting frustating. 

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Well, it's a tool made available by a third party developper and that is meant for other developpers. It's not a Shopify feature. 

If you want additionnal features (custom features) that are not natively on Shopify, you can 

  • Use an app that does what you want. Which is simple. 
  • Hire a developper to do it for you. Which is simple. 
  • Learn how to code and do it yourself. Which is much harder. 

Now, to sum up your current problem: even if you manage to tweak the code and pull out the video on your page, you'll still have to include it in a lightbox, design how the video appear on the page, and make sure your tweaks haven't created sideeffects that will break your theme. 

So again, if the documentation provided by Jason is not clear enough for you, it means you can't use this tool and shouldn't use it.


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How to change a custom fields value?

I want users of the store to be able to set default values. Default values for Decorator_Name etc.

Can liquid or js change the value of a custom field?


I can use "ShopifyFD Dashboard Tool" to create and change custom fields. But is a user of my  shopify store able to change the value of a custom field via js or liquid code that I create.

Everything looks to require admin rights, even customer metafields.

But end users can change line items. And I assume customers can change address details etc. Are customers able to change customer metafield data, or tags or notes?




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Great and useful post! It helps me much. Thank you for your information!

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Could be possible to add a specific text after products and before footer for a collection? 

Here an example:

Red arrow is the text by default when you write a description for a collection, but I need to add custom text for every collection just marked in red arrow.

Is that possible? 

Thank you.


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The following code should do it. You need to insert this code into the header of your products page. To do that, click on the products page in the content manager, and in the top right corner there is a settings button. Click that, and then select Advanced in the top right corner. Paste the following code into the Page Header Code Injection box:

  1. <script>
  2. (function() {
  3. var element = document.getElementsByClassName('content-inner-wrapper');
  4. var node=document.createElement("div");
  5. var textnode=document.createTextNode("This is some description text. It is describing the products below. Customers should read this.");
  6. node.appendChild(textnode);
  8. element[0].insertBefore(node,element[0].childNodes[0]);
  9. })();
  10. </script>
  12. <style>
  13. #newText {
  14. color: gray;
  15. margin: 0 auto;
  16. width: 70%;
  17. padding-bottom: 40px;
  18. text-align: center;
  19. }
  20. </style>

Just replace "this is some description text…" in the code above with whatever wording you want.

And use the section to change the look of your text. Change the color, the width (increase up to max 100%), and padding-bottom to increase or decrease the distance between the text and the products below.

See how that works with your page, and let me know if there are any problems or issues.
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kannadamasti says thanks for information

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Is there a way to have it so the extra stuff that's loaded by the extension doesn't disappear when I click away to a new page? I know it's a huge first world problem, but it'd be great if I didn't have to hard refresh per every product page just so I can load the extension again.

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Yes, I am facing the same problem.