Adding Predefined Sections To Product Descriptions (templated)

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Hey Guys! 

I wanted to post up in here and get your feedback. We are in the process of building a Shopify Store (this is our first time using Shopify), and I had a question on generating a templated layout. 

With Shopify you basically get a big blank text area to input a product description compared to Big Commerce they had pre existing fields in the back end for SKU, Warranty, etc which would display on the product page. The products we sell are technical and require a part # cross reference table, a compatibility table, and technical specs also usually displayed in a table along with a general description. 

What I would like to do is figure out a way to template & stylize these descriptions so they look uniform across the website, and so that a basic backend user can add a new product and create the description without HTML knowledge. 

I did look at the custom fields app, but it seems a bit complicated for a basic user to use and requires using a Chrome extension. Anyone have any other suggestions? 

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I have the same question, setting up a new test store to potentially migrate to Shopify and I'm surprised I can't see an option like this but I also don't know the terminology I should be searching for on this but basically I'd like to do the same. 


We have a page like this: and I'd like to add the Technical Details when I'm creating the product and would like the length, height, weight, type, steel etc all in the product page so I only have to type the values not create the entire field each time. 


I assume this is possible as it seems like it should be pretty standard functionality but I can't seem to find anything.