Adding Tabs to product descriptions Minimal Theme

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Hello, can someone please help me out? i have done this Tutorial for Adding Tabs on the Product Page.

But when i click at the Boxes were i have add the Page for the Tap it wont show it! Example Below:

Screenshot (1218).pngExample

Can Someone Please Help me out! I would even Pay you a small amount for that!


Thank You very Much


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Hi there, I did this exact job some days ago. If you want me to fix this then let me know. 

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Sure! What do you need for that?

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Hi @Noel1234,


I understand that you're having trouble getting the tabs to work on your product page. I may be able to help you with this.


Will you post the entire contents of your product-template.liquid file here (the file that you edited for the tutorial)?



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Hi !


Andre from Shogun Page Builder here. I'd love to help! 


For a drag and drop solution, to adding a Tab element to your product page you can try our Shogun app.


Here's an article that describes how easy it is to add tab elements to your page.


This article also explains how easy it is to edit product pages using our editor.


I'd also suggest clicking the link below to add the app to your Shopify account and giving it a try by starting your 10 day free trial.


Remember If you need assistance with this once installed, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to help!

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Perhaps you can try our app -

You can organise your tabs in one place and target different collections. For example, you can create one tab for shipping/returns for your small items, and another for shipping/returns for your large items. You can also upload images to your tabs, and choose different styles for your tabs.

Risk-free as we have a 7 days free trial =)