Adding a text box hover on a non-product image

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I have found many useful and helpful articles on adding hover over options on images for products. I am trying to add hover over text boxes that will all contain different text on collection images- that are not selling the product.

These are at the top of my collection page as informational pictures. So basically I am adding pictures in the collection section below the collection content, they appear above the product images as stationary pictures. So if I have five pictures side by side, I am trying to make it so when someone scrolls over the top, a text box will appear so I can explain the differences between these items. 

Again- not product pictures that are clicked on. 

We use the Showtime theme. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 



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Hi Heather,


It's basically the same process, but just swapping the code that identifies the product image to code that identifies the collection image. Could you send me a link to your store page where you want this placed so I understand it better? 




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Thank you for the offering. I decided to go a different direction with this for now. 

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