Adding check boxes to the cart page?

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I've seen some answered topics with a similar question but not quite what I'm looking for, so I figured I'd make my own topic!

In my shop, I currently use the notes for people to list any allergies or special diets they have because each order comes with candy inside it. Because I don't want the notes box to become cluttered with two other package options, I'd really like to have some check boxes in the same area as the notes box!

Christmas is coming around and I know not everyone celebrates it, but I'm going to change my packaging to Christmas themed. I want to have an option at checkout where people who DON'T celebrate Christmas can tick the box and essentially opt out of the Christmas packaging. So I'd need a checkbox that isn't mandatory, but that shows me if they ticked it or not, and preferably isn't a pop up. 

I also wanted to add a second option for birthday gifts so they can get the special birthday packaging with no promotion cards, so it's the same concept. Check box that isn't mandatory, not a pop up, and I'm able to see whether a customer checked the box or not. I know that Shopify has a tutorial for having a "gift wrap" product for people to add to their carts but I personally find it a bit clunky and unattractive!

Whether it's by adding code or an app, I just really need some check boxes!

If not, adding 2 other note boxes would be the only workaround, but I think it would look a bit clunky and weird.


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Hey, there. 

My name is Ren from the Shopify support team, here to help you out. I totally understand the need to add these customizations to your store! While the checkout section isn't customizable, your best bet is to add these buttons directly on the product page. We have a handful of apps that can help you easily design some buttons or text input fields. You can create these options so they aren't mandatory, but just a tidy section of the product page where your customers can give you necessary information without the use of the clunky note section. Some options to consider: 

Bold apps: while pricier, comes with a huge variation of features and definitely worth check out the trial just to see the powerful tools available. 
Infinite Product Options: offers a free plan but requires an upgrade for conditional logic.
Custom Product Options: well priced for the features you get but does take some installation steps. 

Once the order is made, you will be able to see the options that were or weren't clicked as well as see any text input that the customers added. These will be viewable in the details of the order. If you are worried about these options being missed, you can opt to have them mandatory so the customer cannot click to the next screen until they've made a selection. Even if that selection is to simply "opt out" of making a choice. This can help insure that no potential customization or gift wrap request is missed! 

I think it's wonderful that you are considering all of your customers needs in terms of culture around the holidays so kudos to you for that - wonderful customer service! Do you have any special marketing plans for Black Friday Cyber Monday?

Let me know what you think of those options. 

Ren | Social team @ Shopify
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